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and they are very rich sources of calcium, vitamin C and so much more .

Churning out self-serve frozen yogurt and fresh fruit smoothies every day of the week! Featuring seasonal (fresh) fruits, chocolates, candies, and syrups.
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At Yogolaada, each flavor is churned out to suit everyone's taste, so not only are we always here for you, we always have something for you.

Self-served frozen yogurt and fresh delicious fruit smoothies every day of the week! Featuring seasonal fruit, chocolate, candy, syrup and really a lot more!!

Flavours we serve in our store.


of toppings that make you feel awesome and real good inside, also provides you a very high and good source of your nutrition.


of absolutely satisfied customers who make it a regular routine to visit our shop.


Years in serving healthy & tasty yogurt around Owings Mills & Pikesville

Refresh Yourself, Enjoy A Spoonful Of Tastiness.

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What Makes Us Special

We Love What We Do

Yogolaada Features YoCream Frozen Yogurt which is all of the following.

1. Good for your bones

A Good, Reliable & Healthy Source of Calcium, Vitamins & Other Minerals And Beneficial Nutrients For You.


2. Good For Your Belly. Yummy For Your Tummy.

Helps You Maintain A Healthy Digestive Tract And Healthier Insides.


3. Healthy Lifestyle

We Feature Our Delicious Products with Low Cholesterol & Sodium, We Also Feature Less Fats & Other Potential Harming Minerals.


4. Kosher Certified

All our products are Gluten free and certified, we also offer and provide Vegan, Sugar Free and Very Low Fat Products!

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